Loud Inside my Head

Found Here It is really loud to me right now. The demons are coming at me full force. Probably from lack of sleep. I didn’t sleep last night at all and only got a 5-hour nap in during the day. They tend to get louder when I’m really tired or really stressed. What’s the mostContinue reading “Loud Inside my Head”

Going Catatonic and Other Recent Events

According to the DSM-5, at┬áleast three out of twelve symptoms must be present for a diagnosis of catatonia. These symptoms include: Stupor (oblivious inability to move or respond to stimuli),┬ácatalepsy (rigid body posture) Mutism (little to no verbal communication) Waxy flexibility (body remains in whatever position it is placed by another) Negativism (lack of verbalContinue reading “Going Catatonic and Other Recent Events”

Going Incommunicado for a Bit

I’m going to be going into the psych hospital again in a few hours… The depression and psychosis has become too much to handle. I need to get my medication straight faster than is possible in an outpatient setting. My class at the community college starts on the 27th of this month. Sometimes, I endContinue reading “Going Incommunicado for a Bit”