An update…

I feel bad for not keeping up with this…

I had an appointment with my neurologist on October 14th, to follow-up from the overdose and sepsis and time spent in the hospital for those. I had gotten out of the hospital on September 9th and made the appointment pretty quick after that.

I had that appointment, and told her about having some issues with finding words (aphasia), at times, and having issues understanding conversations. I’ve also been having memory issues. She ordered an MRI and later an EEG, after I told her about doing something with no memory of it.

I had the MRI on October 26th, and the results came back to my doctor on October 28th. It showed that I had had a tiny stroke. She said the stroke was at least a few months old, so it was quite possible that the overdose or sepsis lowered my blood pressure so much that it caused the stroke.

That led to blaming myself for the stroke and another trip to the psych hospital, and now I am back in PHP. I got out of the hospital on the 9th and started PHP on the 11th.

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