Happy 4th of July!

We wish we could go see some actual fireworks this year… We haven’t been to a show for years. We think they do a good show in the town just north of us, actually. When we were a child, our dad would take us downtown, just across the river, and we would watch the show that the city put on at Auditorium Shores. The city doesn’t do that show anymore. We believe something went wrong one year, and they had to stop doing the show for safety reasons, if we are remembering correctly. The last time we went down to the Shores is probably the last time we saw a proper show. We went to a friend’s family’s property one year and they shot off some fireworks after we all had a barbecue… After that, just seeing some over trees from our front porch.

We live close enough to the city line that it could technically be legal for some of the fireworks we see out here are legal… We are not one to call the police on every person shooting off fireworks, and honestly we have never called for fireworks, but if they are shooting them on our street (which is not legal) or it is an insane hour and we can kind of tell where they are, we will call them. There was someone still shooting them off around 3 AM tonight. We couldn’t tell where they were. That is just too far into the morning to still be shooting off fireworks, in our opinion. Just because today is a Saturday and a holiday, does not mean that some people don’t have to work this morning. Some businesses are still open.

On a completely different note, we finished the trauma IOP. On June 30th, this past Tuesday. It feels like the agoraphobia is taking hold even stronger. We did start seeing our individual therapist twice a week though, and EMDR is going well.

We would love to write more for y’all, but our head is getting heavy, and we cannot keep our eyes open for the life of us. We are literally falling asleep on the front porch in front of our Chromebook. It feels like a narcoleptic attack, but it is after 5 AM also, and we haven’t slept yet, so we could just be extremely tired. Who knows? Either way, we are calling it a night.

Catch you next time! Later!

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